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Plumbing Tips: Protect yourself from frozen pipes this winter

Worcester Condensesure plumbing

Do you know of anyone who’s Worcester condensate pipe has frozen during the UKs increasingly cold winters? The chances are, yes you have! So here’s some plumbing tips for you!

These freezing temperatures can cause the boiler condensate pipe to freeze resulting in your boiler to stop working.

So why not install a Worcester condensesure? The Worcester condensesure will almost completely eliminate the possibility of your condensate pipe freezing and consequently your boiler cutting out.

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Plumbing tips for your heating and plumbing

Our top money saving plumbing hints, tips and tricks for homeowners

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Think Fast!

Plumbing emergencies may require quick thinking. Make sure you know where the ‘stopcock’ for your water is located in case of emergency!

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To prevent stopcocks from seizing up, grease them and turn them off and back on twice a year. The may seize to operate due to lack of use.

Don’t seize up!

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Avoid the freeze!

Guard against freezing. Make sure any pipe work which may be exposed to freezing conditions is properly lagged. Check pipes in the loft and basement if you have one.

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Do not pour fats or cooking oils down the drain – they will harden in the pipes and create clogs – it is the number one cause of blockages. 

No Clogging!

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Call quick!

Many expensive plumbing jobs can be avoided if you call a plumber at the first sign of any problem. For example a sink or toilet that blocks occasionally is only likely to get worse and worse over time and cost you more to repair if you choose to ignore it. 

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Consider replacing a boiler or water heater more than 15 years old. Newer water heaters are more energy efficient and will save significant money on heating bills. 

Stay energy efficient!

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Boiler TLC!

Look after your boiler. Regular servicing of your boiler and heating system each year is vita. This will ensure that it is working at its best and safety check are carried out at all the correct intervals so that Co2 levels are safe.

If you can see the flame in the boiler it should be a clear, strong, blue flame – a yellow flame would indicate a problem and should be checked by one of our engineers.

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