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Central Heating Powerflush Services

System Powerflushing

Are your radiators cold in places when turned on? Are they slow to heat up?

If so, you may need a Firmusheat Powerflushing treatment to remove the build-up of sediment in your system.

Central heating systems can suffer from a build-up of scale, rust or sludge over time. A build-up of scale and sludge will significantly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system making it inefficient and more costly to run. In the worst case scenario, your boiler could even breakdown. Power Flushing, linked with an adey magnacleanse kit can help to clear the system, remove deposits from your system and therefore restore its efficiency.

It is also important to have your system powerflushed before your boiler installation, otherwise you risk contaminating your new boiler with debris hanging around in your current system.

Scroll down to see some power flushing in action and the debris we managed to pull out of this particular heating system. This homes radiators are now working great!

Powerflushing results



Check for cold spots on your radiators by feeling the bottom of them. If they’re cooler at the bottom than at the top, you may have a blocked radiator with sludge inside it. A Powerflush will remove the sludge and make your radiators hotter and more efficient. If your heating or hot water is slow to heat up or it’s not feeling as hot as usual, your system may be blocked. If you have an old boiler, or one that hasn’t been serviced for a number of years, it may be inefficient or blocked. A qualified gas engineer will confirm this for you. Contact British Gas for an Annual Boiler Service. If you have old pipework or radiators, they may be rusting and causing a build-up of sludge in your heating system. If you have a new boiler, it is important that all sludge is removed from the system, or this could clog up your new boiler, making it less efficient and leading to future breakdowns. Your engineer will check your boiler efficiency during your Annual Boiler Service.

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Our engineers will tell you when they provide you with your quote. The time it takes to perform a Powerflush depends on the size of your home, the amount of radiators you have and how blocked or dirty your current heating system is.

Powerflush diagram

We’ll use a machine and chemical process to thoroughly clean out your boiler, pipes and radiators, which will remove the dirty sludge with clean water using a cleansing agent. Your heating system will need to be drained down and each radiator will need to be flushed down individually. We can then get rid of the waste down a suitable outside drain.

What are the Benefits of Powerflushing?

-Increased efficiency of the central heating system in your home:
-improved system reliability:
-Increased system life – Boilers, pumps, radiator valves and radiators last much longer if your system is clean and has the correct levels of inhibitor.
-Better circulation and radiators will be faster to heat-up – saving on fuel bills:
-Quieter central heating system

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